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This site is a resource container of helpful educational resources for Ontario educators. Many of these were developed by the Ontario Ministry of Education and other partners. This site, however, was not created by the ministry, is not under contract to, and is not associated with the ministry. 

All the resources on this site (unless otherwise indicated, and excluding links to external sites) are owned by the Ministry of Education, are under copyright by the Queen’s Printer for Ontario, and are posted here with permission. All are invited to access / download ministry documents from this site.

Note, some of the resources may have been removed from ministry sites because they were out of date or no longer aligned to current curricula. In this respect, Onted serves as an easy-to-access archive for those who are still looking to find those documents.

Onted is not an organization, but simply a small website developed by a few Ontario educators volunteering their time to ensure resources are easy-to-find and available to all, especially those without access to board or ministry-owned resource banks that are behind password walls. 

Looking for French language resources?

All the French-language resources should still be available on edusourceontario.com

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