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The Capacity Building Series was produced by Ontario's 'Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat' to support leadership and instructional effectiveness in Ontario schools. It was published from 2007 to 2018.

A World of Words

Asking Effective Questions (in Math)

Bansho (Board Writing)

Canadian-born English Language Learners

Collaborative Inquiry in Ontario What We Have Learned and Where We Are Now

Collaborative Teacher Inquiry

Communication in the Mathematics Classroom

Critical Literacy

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy- Towards Equity and Inclusivity in Ontario Schools

Differentiating Mathematics Instruction

Dynamic Learning- Connecting Student Learning and Educator Learning

ELL Voices in the Classroom

English Literacy Development – Supporting English Language Learners with Limited Prior Schooling

Every Student/Every School - Ontario Focused Intervention Partnership for Elementary Schools

Fractions Across the Curriculum

French Immersion in Ontario

Getting Started with Student Inquiry

Grand Conversations in Primary Classrooms

Grand Conversations in the Junior Classroom

Improving the Educational Outcomes of Children and Youth in Care

Inquiry-Based Learning

Integrated Learning in the Classroom

Learning Blocks for Literacy and Numeracy

Let's Talk about Listening

Literacy for a Connected World

Maximizing Student Mathematical Learning in the Early Years

Non-Fiction Writing for the Junior Student

Parent Engagement

Pedagogical Documentation

Pedagogical Documentation Revisited Looking at Assessment and Learning in New Ways

Primary Assessment

Principals as Co-learners - Supporting the Promise of Collaborative Inquiry

Professional Learning Communities- A Model For Ontario Schools

Reading Fluency

Student Identity and Engagement in Elementary Schools

Student Self-Assessment

Student Voice- Transforming Relationships

Supporting Numeracy

Supporting Students with Refugee Backgrounds - A Framework for Responsive Practice

Supporting Teenage and Single Parent Learners to Complete High School

System Leaders and Collaborative Inquiry

Teacher Moderation- Collaborative Assessment of Student Work

Teaching and Learning in the Core French Classroom

Teaching-Learning Critical Pathways- One Model for Ontario Professional Learning Communities

The Learning Conversations Protocol - An Intentional Interruption Strategy for Enhanced Collaborative Learning

The Third Teacher

Writing to Learn

Yes, I can! Paying Attention to Well-Being in the Mathematics Classroom


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