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Subject Association Websites

Subject Associations are organizations that consist of groups of subject matter experts that have a mission to promote and advance their specific field within education and are independent of government. This list is included here since many of these organization offer a selection of resources for teachers.

ACSE Association of Computer Studies Educators

AECEO Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario

AML Association for Media Literacy

ARTSECO Arts Education Consultants of Ontario

CARFLEO Catholic Association of Religious and Family Life Educators

CODE Council of Ontario Drama and Dance Educators

ECOO Educational Computing Organization of Ontario

ELAN English Language Arts Network

ERGO ESL/ELD Resource Group of Ontario

FNMIEAO First Nations, Métis & Inuit Education Association of Ontario

HOSTA Horticulture – Ontario Secondary Teachers Association

ILEA International Language Educators’ Association

MLC Modern Languages Council

OADE Ontario Association for Developmental Educators

OAGEE Ontario Association for Geographic and Environmental Education

OAJE Ontario Association of Junior Educators

OAME Ontario Association for Mathematics Education

OAPT Ontario Association of Physics Teachers

OASPHE Ontario Association for the Supervision of Physical and Health Education

OBEA Ontario Business Educators’ Association

OCA Ontario Classical Association

OCEA Ontario Cooperative Education Association

OCTE Ontario Council for Technology Education

OECTA Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association

OESSTA Ontario Elementary Social Studies Teachers’ Association

OFSHEEA Ontario Family Studies Home Economics Educators’ Association

OFS3HLC Ontario Family Studies Social Science and Humanities Leadership Council

OGCA Ontario Geography Consultants’ Association

OGLA Ontario Guidance Leadership Association

OHASSTA Ontario History and Social Science Teachers’ Association

OHHSSCA Ontario History, Humanities and Social Sciences Consultants’ Association

OMCA Ontario Mathematics Coordinators’ Association

OMEA Ontario Music Educators’ Association

OMLTA Ontario Modern Language Teachers’ Association

OPHEA – Ontario Physical and Health Education Association

OPTA Ontario Philosophy Teachers' Association

OSCA Ontario School Counsellors’ Association

OAEA Ontario Art Education Association

OSEE Ontario Society for Environmental Education

OLA Ontario Library Association

SCCAO Science Coordinators’ and Consultants’ Association of Ontario

SSHEO Secondary School Hospitality Educators’ of Ontario (link needed) 

STAO Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario

TALCO The Association of Library Consultants and Coordinators of Ontario