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October 13, 2023

UPDATE: Edugains.ca is now offline. Many of the resources that were available there have been reposted here for continued access. 

August 30, 2023

For many years, EduGAINS has been a (kind of odd looking) repository of Ontario resources developed by or for the Ministry of Education. The ministry has discontinued support of the site and has stated that they plan to use the Curriculum and Resources site (CRS) for the posting of all new ministry-developed resources. While the site is still active as of August 20, 2023, it is apparent that at some point it will go offline.

Many feel that a lot of the content on EduGAINS (and not available on the CRS) still has value. Some content is still available on the ministry's Supports for Learning eCommunity, but is only accessible to educators within publicly-funded school boards in Ontario. 

Onted.ca has reposted much, but not all of the EduGAINS content library with permission from the ministry. An earlier message on EduGAINS even contained a message encouraging visitors to download the content that they would like to keep. Anything on onted.ca that is not reposted was due to technical barriers or time constraints. 

The reposting here only serves as a way of archiving the materials. Those who volunteer with onted.ca have not curated nor do they endorse the reposted content. Naturally, education research causes some best practices to change. This site just makes the old content available—that's all. 

To find content, use the search tool, or browse through the Monographs, Topics and Videos sections.